Peace of Mind Legal Review

Peace of Mind Legal Review is a service designed to specifically meet your legal needs without unnecessary and extensive cost to you.  The program is designed to give you the benefit of a civilian counsel’s advice in order to make decisions about your future.

Mr. Coombs will conduct an honest review of your case.  He will not provide you with a false or misleading opinion in order to appease you or to convince you to retain him.  Mr. Coombs will listen completely to all aspects of your case, and will employ his twenty years of military experience to present you with a concise evaluation of your options.

Cases are often won or lost, by the willingness and diligence of an attorney.  If you hire Mr. Coombs to review your case, you will be able to rest assured that no stone was left unturned.  You will be advised of the merits of your case to assist you in determining how to proceed.  This pertains to fighting Article 15s, Letters of Reprimand, Chapter Eliminations, Administrative Reduction Boards, Show Cause Boards, Chapter Elimination Boards, and Court-Martial actions.  A small investment in your defense now, will give you the confidence to know that the decisions you make in the future will be the right ones.

Free Initial Telephone Consultation
Mr. Coombs will discuss the general nature of your case, and then advise you whether it makes sense to invest additional resources for a detailed legal review.

Legal Records Review Process
Mr. Coombs will read, analyze and summarize all of the records available.  This includes, but is not limited to: charges against you, sworn statements, CID/MP investigative records, laboratory tests and reports, investigative notes, etc.  You will be provided a case summary which organizes your case into a simple and understandable format.  The case summary will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your case in order for you to determine your best approach.  Finally, an honest assessment of your chances for a positive outcome will also be included by Mr. Coombs.

Legal Representation
With vast experience, Mr. Coombs stands ready to assist you in your defense. If you decide to retain his services after receiving his legal review, the fee you paid for the legal review will be applied towards his retainer.  In other words, you will not lose anything if you decide to retain him to defend you.

If you don’t decide to retain Mr. Coombs, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your military counsel now has the benefit of Mr. Coombs’ review.  This information will provide your defense counsel with up to date information on the legal defenses available to you, and with an assessment of your case that will help your military counsel develop a stronger defense for you.