Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction revolves around a complex set of factors that include, but are not limited to, competency and results. Client satisfaction is about the overall experience of working with a lawyer and law firm. Key factors that contribute to that experience include communication, responsiveness, and value. Communication is an essential aspect of any attorney-client relationship.

At the Law Office of David E. Coombs, client satisfaction is our number one goal. We take the steps necessary to ensure that the lines of communication are open. To facilitate communication, Mr. Coombs works in tandem with his clients to achieve the very best possible outcome in their case. At the beginning of a client relationship, Mr. Coombs will talk to the client to identify client objectives, discuss the sequence and phases of the case, communicate anticipated fees and costs, and answer all questions.

By continuing this dialogue as the representation progresses, Mr. Coombs will ensure you always have the answers you need to make intelligent decisions about your case. Office procedures are in place so that clients are updated regularly. And, of course, you will be advised of key developments in your case as soon as they happen.

The acid test for client satisfaction is whether the client feels that he or she is getting good value for the money being expended on the representation. Mr. Coombs takes pride in the fact that clients always feel that he has more than earned his fee. Satisfying clients is hard work for all attorneys. But, at the Law Office of David E. Coombs, it is an everyday occurrence.