Visitor and Correspondence List for Bradley Manning

Our office has received many inquires regarding how someone may get on the approved mailing and visitors list for PFC Manning.  The Quantico Brig requires PFC Manning to submit an official request form in order to add or remove a person from his approved visitor and correspondence list.

If PFC Manning submits a request to add a person to his approved visitor and correspondence list, the Brig will conduct a background check on the requested person.  After completing its review, the Brig with either approve or disapprove PFC Manning’s request.  Under the Brig’s rules, PFC Manning is not allowed to add a journalist on his visitor or correspondence list.

If you know PFC Manning and would like to be added to his visitor and correspondence list, the Manning family has created an email account for facilitating the process.  Each week, a member of PFC Manning’s family will review the submitted requests.  The family member will then take these requests to PFC Manning for his decision.

You may write to the Manning family at bmanningvisits@gmail.com in order to request to be added to the visitor and correspondence list or just to pass on your words of support and encouragement.