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A Typical Day For PFC Bradley Manning at Fort Leavenworth

PFC Manning was transferred to the Joint Regional Corrections Facility (JRCF) at Fort Leavenworth on April 20, 2011.  I was able to tour the facility and meet with PFC Manning last week.  PFC Manning is now being held in Medium Custody.  He is no longer under Prevention of Injury watch and is no longer subjected to harsh pretrial confinement conditions.

Unlike at Quantico, PFC Manning cell has a large window that provides adequate natural light.  His cell also has a desk, a bed, and a toilet.  The cell is approximately 80 square feet.  He is provided with a normal mattress, sheets and a pillow.  None of his clothing is taken away from him at night.  PFC Manning is able to have all of his personal items in his cell, which include his clothing, his legal materials, books and letters from family and friends.  He is also able to have a pen and paper at all times in his cell, and is able to write whenever he chooses.

PFC Manning is housed in a special area of the confinement facility, along with other pre-trial detainees. Each pre-trial area (including PFC Manning’s) has four cells, and each pre-trial detainee is assigned to his own cell.  The cells are connected to a shared common area, with a table, a treadmill, a television and a shower area.  Click here in order to see photos of the JRCF area.

A typical timeline for PFC Manning’s day (and those of all other pre-trial detainees) follows:

At 04:50, PFC Manning is given a wake-up call.  Over the next 10 minutes, he gets dressed, shaves, and begins to get ready for the day.

At 05:00, the lights come on and the door to his cell opens to the common area.  PFC Manning finishes getting ready and joins the two other pre-trial detainees housed in his quarters in the common area.

At 05:15, PFC Manning and all the other pre-trial detainees are escorted by one guard to the cafeteria. There are no restraints placed on any of the pre-trial detainees.  The cafeteria has multiple food selections, as well as a full compliment of coffee, juice, milk and soda.  PFC Manning eats his breakfast together with the 6 other pre-trial detainees currently at the JRCF.  He and the other pre-trial detainees in his quarters are then escorted back to the common area.

From 06:00-11:00, PFC Manning is permitted to watch television, sit in the common area, talk to other detainees, use the treadmill, or use the shower.  At 11:00, the group is escorted back to the cafeteria for lunch.  After they finish lunch at 12:00, the group is brought back to the common area where they remain for the next couple hours.

At 14:00, PFC Manning and his group are taken to the outdoor recreation area.  This area has several basketball courts, a quarter-mile running track, weight machines, and a handball court.

After approximately two hours of outdoor recreation time, PFC Manning and his group return to the common area.  At 16:00, he along with the others, are taken down to the cafeteria for dinner.

Immediately after dinner, PFC Manning is permitted to either go to the library or to the indoor recreation area (both of which are outside the common area of his cell quarters).  PFC Manning is allowed to remain there until approximately 18:30.  He then returns to the common area of his cell quarters, where is permitted to read, watch television, socialize with others, etc.

At 22:00, PFC Manning goes into to his individual cell, and the doors to his cell are locked for the night.

Weekends are considered “free time.”  Unlike weekdays, PFC Manning is allowed to sleep as much as he likes.  Movies are also provided to pre-trial detainees on weekends.

The JRCF permits visitors on Monday-Friday from 19:00-21:30 and on weekends/holidays from 08:00-11:00 and from 13:00-16:00.  As with Quantico, only those who are on PFC Manning’s authorized list are permitted to see him.  Unlike Quantico, however, PFC Manning can receive mail from anyone.  Any mail sent to PFC Manning will be inspected prior to him receiving it.  He is permitted to keep up to 20 pieces of mail in his cell; the remaining mail must be either destroyed or be packaged and mailed to someone else.  Correspondence can be sent to PFC Manning at the following address:

Bradley Manning 89289
830 Sabalu Road
Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027-2315