Choosing the Best Court-Martial Attorney

Conduct a web search for either “best court-martial attorney” or “best civilian defense lawyer” and you will find hundreds of civilian defense attorneys.  Almost every one of these civilian lawyers will claim to be either the best court-martial attorney or the most aggressive court-martial lawyer.   How do you know if they are what they claim to be?

If you go solely by the look of their website or their self-serving statements regarding their record of success in a military courtroom, you are doing yourself a disservice.  Instead, you need to educate yourself by researching the background of the civilian attorney that you are considering hiring.  Has this attorney served in the Army?  How long did they serve?  How many court-martial cases have they handled?  Who is the last client that the represented and can you speak with him or her to get their opinion of the civilian attorney?  How much of their practice is dedicated to representing soldiers?  Do they specialize in Army criminal defense or are they a generalist representing servicemembers from any branch of service?

A lot of civilian defense attorneys claim to be experts in court-martial defense practice, but in actuality they spend very little of their time inside of a courtroom.  Instead, most military civilian attorneys handle a wide variety of non-military cases, both civil and criminal.  Given their caseloads, they end up over extending themselves and having very little time to dedicate to defending you at your court-martial.

The last thing you want to do is spend your hard earned money on a civilian attorney that you can’t speak to when you want to on the phone.  At the Law Office of David E. Coombs, you will not have this experience.  Mr. Coombs is dedicated to providing legal services to Army soldiers.  He limits the number of soldiers that he accepts as a client in order to ensure that he is responsive to his clients.  Mr. Coombs also specializes in representing only Army soldiers.  As such, you can be assured that he is aware of the latest Army regulations and cases that might impact your court-martial.  If you are facing a court-martial, contact our law office for a free consultation to determine for yourself if Mr. Coombs is the best court-martial attorney for you.

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