Free Initial Consultation

What does it mean when a court martial attorney says they provide a free initial consultation?  What do you actually get for free when you call an experienced court martial attorney?  You might think that the initial consultation is when you provide the attorney with every detail of your case.  However, a court martial lawyer is just like anyone else – they have only so much time in a given day.

When a court martial attorney tells you that they provide a free consultation, you should use it to provide the attorney with a brief synopsis of your case.  The civilian lawyer should be willing to spend some time with you, listen to your problem, and give you some initial thoughts about your case at no charge or obligation to you.

By providing this free service, it gives you a chance to “interview” the civilian lawyer to decide if the lawyer is the right one to represent you.  It also give the civilian lawyer an opportunity to interview you to determine if they might be able to help you.  At the end of the meeting you are free to decide that you do not want to hire the lawyer and, likewise, the lawyer may decide that they cannot help you with your problem.

You should understand that the initial consultation is not the time to where a civilian lawyer should be providing you with legal advice.  At this point, you and the attorney do not have an attorney-client relationship.  Although your initial consultation will be confidential, a good attorney will provide advice to you only after thoroughly reviewing your case file.  A thorough review happens once you decide to retain the attorney as your court martial defense lawyer.

To schedule a free consultation with our office on any type of court-martial or administrative case, please call 508-689-4616 or 800-588-4156 (toll-free) or fill out a case evaluation form on our “Contact” page.

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