Another Sexual Assault Aquittal

Our office received another sexual assault acquittal.  In this case, our client was charged with two specifications of Article 120 (Abusive Sexual Contact), three specifications of Article 92 (Violating a Lawful General Regulation by having an inappropriate relationship under AR 600-20), and Article 93 (Maltreatment).

SSG D:  I would recommend Mr. Coombs to anyone.  When I was first told by my command that there was an investigation I called several lawyers, and Mr. Coombs not only talked to me about my case but he also made sure to go over all of my options to help me make a decision to hire him.  No matter what day or time he was always available to talk to me or my family to answer any questions through the process.  In my opinion he is the best at what he does.  Thank you Mr. Coombs for everything!

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