Military Rape Prosecutions

Military rape prosecutions are now one of most common types of cases tried in the Army.  These cases occur in a climate in which the military leadership is aggressively seeking to eradicate sexual assault.  It comes as no surprise to anyone who has been dealing with these types of cases that every allegation, no matter how unbelievable, seems to be tried by a court martial.  The philosophy of the command seems to be “send it to a court martial and let the panel sort it out.”

The Army has made it clear that sexist behaviors, sexual harassment, and sexual assault are not tolerated, condoned, or ignored. Each year, Soldiers receive training designed to hammer that message home. That annual training makes it clear that there is a zero tolerance for sexual assault in the military.

Unfortunatley the aggressive efforts to eliminate sexual assault in the military have created issues with providing a fair trial. The rights of the Soldier accused of a crime have steadily been eroded in sexual assault cases. The result is that a Soldier now always faces an uphill battle in military rape prosecutions. Given everything that is at stake, it is never been more important to have an experience military defense lawyer.

If you are facing a court martial for sexual assault, make sure the person that represents you has the necessary skill and experience to give you the best chance at an acquittal. Mr. Coombs is considered one of the best military lawyers. He has successfully represented numerous Soldiers facing military rape prosecutions. Contact him today for a free consultation.

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