Removal From a Promotion List

The regulation that governs removal from a promotion list is Army Regulation 600-8-19.  Removal from a promotion list may be directed either by commander in the filed (“local”) or at HQDA level.  A local promotion list includes those Soldiers recommended for promotion to the ranks of Sergeant and Staff Sergeant.  A HQDA promotion list includes those Soldiers recommended for promotion to the ranks of Sergeant First Class through Sergeant Major.

Removal from Local Promotion Lists
Under 600-8-19, a commander must immediately request the removal of a Solider from a promotion list under certain conditions.  In those instances, the Soldier is notified of the removal action in writing no later than 5 duty days after removal.  If, however, the removal is for substandard performance or inefficiencies, a Soldier must be provided written notification of a removal board action.  You must receive the written notification of the removal board at least 15 duty days prior to the date of the board.

Removal from HQDA Promotion Lists
HQDA can administratively remove a Soldier’s name from the recommendation list based on information provided by the commander. Commanders may also recommend a Soldier’s removal from an HQDA promotion list. A commander must provide to HQDA documentation pertaining to Soldiers on an HQDA recommended list who meet certain criteria. Commanders may also recommend that a Soldier’s name be removed from an HQDA recommended list at any time for substandard performance or any other substantiated reason warranting removal.

You will be given an opportunity to respond to the action.  Your command will provide you with a copy of all adverse documentation supporting the recommendation to remove you from the promotion list.  You will then be given at least 15 days to submit a rebuttal to the removal action.  The only exception to this process is when your removal is mandatory under the regulation.

The removal action and all supporting documentation will be submitted through command channels to HRC. Once HRC makes a decision, the action will be returned to the command. The Soldier will then be notified of the final decision.

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