GOMOR Result

Our office just received another outstanding GOMOR result for a client. The Soldier was accused of abusive sexual contact. The allegations were serious, and had the potential to ruin the Soldier’s career.

The Soldier initially turned to an inexperienced attorney to write their rebuttal. After a few minutes of speaking with that attorney, the Soldier realized that they needed help. That is when they turned to our law office. We immediately reviewed the case, developed a sound strategy for the rebuttal, and collected the needed information to obtain a positive result.

Our rebuttal was exactly what the Soldier was hoping to submit to the Commanding General. A few weeks after submitting the rebuttal, the Soldier received the great news that the Commanding General withdrew and destroyed the reprimand. The effect of this outcome means our client will now able to be promoted to Master Sergeant.

This outcome proves that the decision over where to file the reprimand can be influenced by a well written GOMOR rebuttal.  In many cases, an effective GOMOR rebuttal can convince the command that either the adverse action is either too harsh or that you deserve a second chance.

Experience Matters

Our office has had a lot of success in helping Soldiers with GOMOR actions.  If you are facing a GOMOR, it is important that you reach out to an attorney for help.  Mr. Coombs has over twenty years of experience helping Soldiers, and is prepared to start helping you today.

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