PRB Processing Time

HQDA recently released an information sheet regarding the high number of officers undergoing a delay of promotion action. According to the fact sheet, the Officer Promotions Special Actions team is currently handling close to 1,300 cases. Given the number of current actions, the typical PRB processing time is anywhere from 12 to 18 months.

It is understandably hard to wait 12 to 18 months to learn whether you will promoted or not. You may become impatient and decide to reach out to either the IG or your congressional member to get more information about your PRB processing. However, if you send such a request for information, this will simply result in an overall slower processing time for your action. The reason being, the same individual working your promotion delay action will be the one tasked with responding to your IG or congressional action. As such, it is better to simply wait until you receive a response from the Secretary of the Army.

The above chart provides you with the average number of days to conduct the PRB processing. Based upon information provided by the Officer Promotions Special Actions branch 2% of cases are resolved within 90 days; 14% within 180 days; 28% within 270 days; 21% within 318 days; and 35% take over 365 days to resolve.

Officers that undergo a PRB with be flagged by HRC during the entire process to prevent an erroneous promotion and pay issue. The flag will only be removed when the Secretary of the Army makes a promotion decision.

Given the importance of a PRB action, you should consider hiring a civilian attorney who can present your best argument to the PRB and Secretary of Army. In the last two years, Mr. Coombs has successfully represented over fifty officers going through the PRB process.

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