More Positive Promotion Review Board Results

We are proud to announce that another client received a positive result in his promotion review board action.  Our client received his new promotion orders today, and will now be joining the field grade officer ranks.

I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and support.  You have been nothing but helpful and responsive.  I am so glad that I hired you to represent me.  You literally saved my military career!

Our office has completed three additional promotion review board actions in April of 2020.  We also were successful in convincing the PRB section to pull back an action that involved the promotion of a 1LT to CPT on 27 April 2020 .  After reviewing the documentation that our office provided, the PRB action was terminated and the Soldier was placed back on the promotion list.

If you are facing a Promotion Review Board, you need to hire an attorney who can get a positive result for you.  Contact our office today for a free initial review of your Promotion Review Board action.

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