Special Selection Review Board

The Army is replacing the Promotion Review Board (PRB) with a new Special Selection Review Board (SSRB)  process starting with this summer’s selection boards.  The new process applies to all officers at any rank.

Under the new process, HRC will conduct a pre-selection screening of an officer’s records for adverse information.  HRC will look in an officer’s restricted file and the records of the IG, MPI, CID, and chain of command.  If HRC discovers adverse information during its pre-selection screening, it will provide the information to the selection board for its consideration.  HRC will also notify the officer and provide him or her with an opportunity to address the adverse information in a letter to the President of the Board.  If the officer elects to write a letter to the President of the Board, it must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the board convene date.

The new process will understandably result in far fewer SSRBs.  The Secretary will only appoint a SSRB when an officer commits misconduct or sub-standard performance after the pre-selection screening and the board convene date.  If you receive an official notification of a delay of promotion and referral to a Special Selection Review Board, you have 14 days (if you are active duty) or 30 days (if you are reserve) to submit a rebuttal.

Our office can assist you in preparing your rebuttal.  We have consistently received positive outcomes for our clients and we stand ready to do so for you.  If you have adverse information in your board file or received notification of a SSRB, do not leave anything to chance.  Reach out to our office today for a free initial consultation.

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