15-6 Investigation Rebuttal

An AR 15-6 investigation is a crucial process that determines whether an individual has engaged in misconduct, violation of regulations or policies, or any other form of wrongdoing. If you are a subject of such an investigation, it is important to understand the significance of a well-drafted rebuttal to the 15-6 investigation report.

A rebuttal is a formal response to the investigation report, which provides a chance for you to challenge any findings or conclusions that have been made. A well-crafted rebuttal can significantly impact the outcome of the investigation and may even lead to the investigation being dismissed.

Here are some reasons why a well-drafted rebuttal is so crucial:

  1. Presents your perspective: A rebuttal allows you to present your side of the story and provide your perspective on the issues being investigated. This can be critical in clearing any misunderstandings or misconceptions that may have arisen during the investigation. By providing your account of the events, you can help the investigating officer gain a more accurate understanding of what took place.
  1. Highlights inaccuracies and errors: Investigations are often complex and involve multiple parties, documents, and sources of information. It is not uncommon for mistakes or inaccuracies to be made in the report. A well-drafted rebuttal can help to highlight any errors or inaccuracies and provide evidence to support your claims. This can be especially important if the findings of the investigation are not consistent with the facts.
  1. Provides additional evidence: A rebuttal can also be an opportunity to present additional evidence that was not considered during the investigation. This can include witness statements, documents, or any other relevant information that was not previously considered. By presenting new evidence, you may be able to influence the outcome of the investigation and demonstrate your innocence.
  1. Demonstrates your professionalism: A well-drafted rebuttal demonstrates your professionalism and commitment to accountability. By responding in a timely and thorough manner, you show that you take the investigation seriously and that you are willing to address the issues head on. This can go a long way in building trust with the command and other parties involved.

A well-drafted rebuttal is a critical aspect of your defense. It provides an opportunity to present your perspective, challenge any inaccuracies, provide additional evidence, and demonstrate your professionalism. If you are the subject of an investigation, it is important to take the time to craft a thorough and thoughtful response to ensure that your voice is heard and that the outcome of the investigation is fair and just.  Contact our office today if you need assistance with crafting a strong rebuttal.