Outstanding Board Result

Our office just received another outstanding board result for a CW5 client.  The government alleged that our client committed a flagrant violation of flying regulations, and displayed a lack of integrity in failing to report a suspected blade strike.  In addition to our client, the government also sent his co-pilot, a CW3, to a flying…


Flying Evaluation Board

The purpose of a flying evaluation board is to evaluate a pilot’s potential for continued aviation services.  In most cases, a flying evaluation board will be directed when an officer demonstrates behavior that could be construed as substandard or unsafe.  In those instances, the ability to pilot Army aircraft is subject to complete review. Examples…


GOMOR Result

Our office just received another outstanding GOMOR result for a client. The Soldier was accused of abusive sexual contact. The allegations were serious, and had the potential to ruin the Soldier’s career. The Soldier initially turned to an inexperienced attorney to write their rebuttal. After a few minutes of speaking with that attorney, the Soldier…


Proving Character In Sentencing

In sentencing, an accused may introduce matters in extenuation or mitigation to lessen the punishment received at a court martial.  Matters in extenuation include circumstances surrounding the commission of the offense, while matters in mitigation are personal factors concerning the accused.  An accused may introduce such evidence either through the testimony of witnesses, documentary evidence,…