Our clients are hard-working soldiers who volunteered to raise their right hand, when others didn’t, to serve America.  They are members of the most powerful Army in the world, and of the branch of service that has been relied upon the most by this country to fight the war on terror.  They expect and deserve competent representation, open communication, and follow-through.  Mr. Coombs will strive to exceed those expectations.  He represents soldiers charged with offenses or facing adverse administrative actions anywhere in the world.  The following are a few examples of some complex cases Mr. Coombs has handled in the past.  Be sure to check Mr. Coombs’ blog for additional information.

Promotion Review Boards and Special Selection Review Boards

Results:  Since 2017, 51 of our clients have been retained on a promotion list due to our written rebuttals.  Each of these Soldiers are now proudly serving at their promoted rank.  We are currently awaiting results in 5 additional cases.  

Aggravated assault

Result:  Dismissed after extensive pre-trial discovery and motions practice.

Negligent homicide

Result:  Panel found client guilty of involuntary manslaughter.  Due to an excellent sentencing case, the panel sentenced the client to a one grade reduction and thirty days confinement - no discharge.

Larceny and misappropriation of government funds

Result:  Not Guilty.

Premediated Murder

Result:  Premediated murder charges dismissed after an aggressive Article 32 hearing by Mr. Coombs.  The Soldier plead guilty to a minor offense, and was sentenced to a one grade reduction – no jail time.


Result:  Case dismissed after an aggressive Article 32 hearing by Mr. Coombs resulted in the credibility of each of the government's witnesses and the alleged victim being disbelieved by the investigating officer.

Larceny of military property in excess of $100,000.00  

Result:  Pled guilty to lesser included offense.  At sentencing, the sentencing case presented resulted in a one grade reduction and the preservation of military retirement for an E-8 with 21 years of service.

Wrongful use and distribution of marijuana

Result:  Not guilty.

Aggravated assault with a weapon likely to produce death

Result:  Guilty of lesser included offense of assault, sentenced to one grade reduction.

Desertion and larceny of $15,625.05

Result:  The military judge granted a defense motion to dismiss the desertion charge. The panel found the client not guilty of the larceny and instead found him guilty of wrongful appropriation and of being AWOL.  The panel sentenced the client to be reprimanded, reduced from E-3 to the grade of E-1, to 90 days hard labor without confinement, to 60 days restriction, and to be fined $9,425.  No discharge.

Aggravated Assault with the intent to inflict grievous bodily harm, disrespect to a 1SG, and failure to repair

Result:  The panel found the client guilty of the FTR and disrespect but not guilty of aggravated assault with the intent to inflict grievous bodily harm.  Instead they found him guilty of the lesser-included offense of assault consummated by a battery.  The panel sentenced the client to be reduced from E-4 to the grade of E-1, to be confined for 30 days, and to forfeit $1,000.  No discharge.

Dereliction of duty, false official statement, and larceny of $11,295.34 worth of military property

Result:  Not guilty.


Result:  Government did not want to take case to trial after losing a previous case involving the same client who was represented by Mr. Coombs.  Instead, the government accepted a Chapter 10 (discharge in lieu of court-martial).  Even though the evidence of the rape was not very strong, the Chapter 10 allowed the client to avoid even the possibility of a court-martial conviction.

Wrongful use of marijuana, possession of an unregistered firearm, false official statement, and driving under the influence of alcohol

Result:  Government did not accept a pre-trial Chapter 10.  At trial, the client pled guilty to all charges and their specifications. Due to an excellent sentencing case, a military judge sentenced the client to be reprimanded and to 75 days of hard labor without confinement.  Due to the extremely light sentence, the government reconsidered the denial of the Chapter 10.  The government approved a post-trial Chapter 10 with a general discharge, under honorable conditions.  The result allowed the client to avoid the stigma of a court-martial conviction.

18 month AWOL ended by apprehension

Result:  Client pled guilty to the charge and specification.  The military judge sentenced the client to be reduced to the grade of E-1, to be confined for 5 months and to forfeit $500.00 pay per month for five months - no discharge.   The deal was that the convening authority would refer the case to a Bad-Conduct-Discharge level court-martial.  After the military judge saw the quantum portion she made a recommendation that the convening authority suspend 2 to 3 months of the sentence so that the client could be returned sooner to a line unit.